Family: Apocynaceae
Dwarf Golden Trumpet
Origin: Brazil

Native to Brazil, bush allamanda is an evergreen tropical shrub. It typically grows to 4-5’ tall. Features clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with orange-red throat stripes and leathery, elliptic to obovate, dull green leaves (2-4” long) that appear in whorls of 3-5 along the stems. If spent flowers are not deadheaded, rounded, prickly, burlike fruits will form providing some additional ornamental interest, albeit at the expense of a more profuse bloom. Freely blooms throughout the summer to first frost. This species is synonymous with and sometimes listed for sale as A. nerifolia or A. cathartica var. schottii. It is generally more shrub-like than A. cathartica. As with most dogbane family members, the stems exude a toxic milky sap. Genus name honors Frederich Allamand, an 18th century Swiss botanist.